Let it snow!

As I mentioned earlier, Gee and I have never experienced cold like this before, this is truly bone chilling cold for us. But did it stop us from doing things? Ummmmm… No!

So after returning from Barcelona, we got stuck into settling down in our new hometown:Winter Wonderland Hyde Park

  • We made the most of the Winter Wonderland and walking around staring up at the Tower Bridge and London Eye.
  • We both got focussed on our respective job searches. It took no time for Gee to get a job as an Occupational therapist for the NHS and I shortly followed with getting a Marketing role in West London.
  • We found a nice little (VERY little) one-bedroom flat in South London.
  • Explored the world of various London Markets – Borough Markets (walking distance from our flat), Camden Markets (oh the shoes!), Brick Lane (had to be done), Spitalfields (oh so hot right now!).
  • Somewhere in between, we also managed to go to an open air, pop-up in South London called Paperworks for a spot of mulled wine (our first proper one) and other winter warming cocktails. It is worth mentioning that the night we went it was 0°.

I have to be honest, if I’m going to be this cold, I much prefer if it snowed. So we got in touch with our friends in Frankfurt (who we met while we were on our honeymoon in Vietnam) and went to Frankfurt in early February. Frankfurt as a city was a bit disappointing, but we had a great time, thanks to our lovely friends. The highlights:IMG_3805

  • Our friend works for the biggest brewery in Frankfurt and gets free beer. FREE BEER! Need I say more?
  • His beautiful girlfriend (whom we also met in Vietnam) is from St Petersburg so she brought Vodka
  • The combination of the above two resulted in Mrs FOMOist getting alcohol poisoning (or so we suspect)
  • Our friend drove us about 45 minutes out of Frankfurt up in the mountains to show us snow
  • The next day, it actually snowed!

After our magical snowy experience, it snowed in London once we got back. I have to admit, it wasn’t as magical because of London Underground delays and not to mention slippery shoes.

After a fortnight we decided that we needed to explore our own backyard as well so we took a trip to York where (yep) it snowed!IMG_3769

I understand if  you don’t share our enthusiasm for snow, but you have to understand that neither of us have ever seen so much snow before. PLUS, there is something magical about snowflakes falling from the sky.

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