Lifestyle of the rich and the famous in Monaco

Monaco is known for its super yachts, super cars and the super Casino de Monte-Carlo. Since we were in Nice, a day trip to gawk at the other half’s wealth had to be done. So we got our train tickets from Nice Ville station for €3.90pp one way and arrived at Monaco-Monte Carlo station in less than 30 minutes.

As soon as we got off the train, we were hit by the waft of perfumed platforms. It could have easily been in my head, but it was verified as the sweet smell of wealth by Mrs FOMOist and the cousins we’re traveling with. To ensure you soak in the fragrance the way to get to the street is through a covered tunnel that went on forever, before you see a splash of sunlight from the street. We got out and decided to walk along the water rather than head to the casino straight away. The port was lined with yachts after yachts, some the size of a cruise-ships. Each had a name, a token person dressed in designer rags with expensive sunglasses, pretending to be on the phone or reading, while pretending to ignore the attention and appreciation from the plebs walking by. 

After walking all the way to the Larvotto Beach, we headed back towards the casino. It was around 2.45pm and all the shops seemed to be closed. Not that if they were open we would have walked in, but it would have been fun to watch the kind of people who would. Even though the streets were empty, people who did walk pass seemed to have put way too much effort into their appearances. I have never seen so many well dressed bus commuters in my life! 

After a pit stop at McDonald’s with a spectacular view, we finally found the most photographed square in Monte-Carlo. This will be the roundabout in front of the casino, with all the cars parked in front of the entrance and around the roundabout. The place looks like an automobile show, without the heavily make-up’d, scantily dressed girls humping the cars behind a rope. At this autoshow, you get to see people’s drivers opening the doors, parking the cars with the umbrella sticking out of the side so the rain doesn’t ruin the interior as they exit. 

I have to admit, I am not into super cars or super yachts or super wealth. I do however love watching how the other half lives – how they sit, eat, interact and look at people who can’t afford the same luxuries. The trip to Monaco was brilliant but if you’re planning on staying for more than a few hours, bring your towel and togs and go chill out at the beach, it looked really nice. 

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