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Greenwich Park
After a very busy month, Mrs FOMOist and I thought about taking it a bit slow between late Sept/early October. By taking it slow, we mean gallivanting around London to ensure we are not missing out on the very last moments of London summer.

Paddle Boating - SerpentineOnce we got back from Oktoberfest, we had agreed that we are definitely going to take it easy the next weekend, which saw us:

  • Paddle boating around the Serpentine on Saturday followed yummy Sushi lunch at Sticks N Sushi at Covent Garden. The paddle boating was recommended by one of our friends who once lived in London. While it’s a very short ride (we bought tickets for an hour but recommend getting it only for 30 minutes), it is a very nice day out. We started off by strolling around the Hyde Park, then paddle boating (should have brought wine but we weren’t that organised) around the Serpentine and then strolling around aimlessly around the streets of London = bliss!
  • On Sunday we had planned to go to Greenwich Park for a picnic with friends. I have to say I was very disappointed with the markets which were mostly blocked off with work fences, however Greenwich as a suburb makes an excellent day out. After we met with friends, we bought some wine and lazed in the Greenwich Park. We had the best intentions of going and seeing the Observatory, but due to continuous purchases of wines, we drank about 6 bottles of wine among the 4 of us. The idea was not to do much right?

Book of MormonsThe weekend after was rather cultural consisting of our much awaited evening watching the hottest show on the Westend – Book of Mormon. You know when people hype up a movie, but when you go watch it, it fails to meet your expectations? Well Book of Mormon deserved all the hype and then some. I was almost sick of hearing how good this show was. And when we went to watch it, it delivered on everything it promised. The show is Laugh Out Loud hilarious. However, if you are easily offended, this show is not for you. To sum the Book of Mormon – it offends every religion and every stereotype that you can think of. If you can take it, it’ll be the best night ever!

After the Book of Mormon, I wanted to tick off another big show called Photograph 51. This play featured the well-adored Australian Nicole Kidman. One of my workmates had gone to watch the play and highly recommended it. When I looked at booking the tickets online, they started at £75. However I only paid £10 each for our front row tickets. How? Well for most of these big name celebrity plays, each theatre has a day ticket allocation. The catch is, you need to queue up before the box office opens to get these limited availability tickets. After spending two and a half hours waiting outside the box office on Saturday morning, I was lucky enough to get my hands on the last two tickets. I know it’s a long time to wait in a queue, but based on Nicole’s performance, I am now motivated to queue up for other shows as well.

Nicole kidman - Photograph 51Other days and nights of this “big” gap in between travelling were filled with:Fu Manchu - Clapham North

  • Cocktails and dinner with friends at Fu Manchu in Clapham North. Fu Manchu serves delectable (but a bit expensive) range of dumplings and other Chinese delicacies. The delicious food is complimented with Asian inspired range of cocktails which are worth every penny. This was our first time visiting Clapham North and while we received a free bottle of Prosecco for our next visit (through fortune cookies with the bill), I need a bit of time to get over my first impression of this part of London. We had our dinner and got out of the restaurant at 23.00ish. As soon as we got out, there were a group of men and women spectating a cat-fight between two women, quickly followed by a punch-up between (I could only assume) the respective boyfriends. Not that I advocate it, but a punch-up is “acceptable” at wee hours of the night/morning. 11.00pm in my humble opinion is a bit too early.Big Ben - London
  • The Sunday following, we decided to walk around Westminster and Waterloo Bridge to take some pictures of the beautiful city we have called home for the past 9 months (some of them featured in this post).London Tube
  • The London adventures ended with a much anticipated (booked months in advance) visit to the infamous speakeasy bar called Cahoots. Cahoots is a bar that has recently opened in an old disused underground station in London. The theme could have been better (in my personal opinion), but the selection of cocktails was extensive and lush.Clouds - Covent Garden

To end this post, here are some wise words.Wine

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