STOMPing around

When we were planning a move to London, our friends who have done a similar thing had two very useful pieces of advice:Hyde Park

  1. Keep focused on why you moved – to travel. A number of them took the plunge but got caught up in daily life and didn’t do as much as they had hoped for
  2. Make sure you’re not solely focused on Europe. The UK and especially England has a lot to offer to make sure you explore locally

Being a self-confessed FOMOist and equipped with the above advice, I took it upon myself to make the most of the time we have in the UK. To amplify my need to see/do everything, I quickly discovered this magical treasure chest called the Timeout Magazine on one of my very early Tube rides to work.

I am one of those people who religiously reads the weekly Timeout Magazine every Tuesday and takes pictures of the things I plan on doing. As a result, the list keeps getting longer and longer and the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) keeps intensifying.

So, the month following our last trip was full of cultural outings and food! My first day at work was 3 Feb and to celebrate, we went and watched STOMP at the Ambassadors Theatre. This was our first theatre performance in London and was everything we both had expected. One keen observation I made was the number of kids in the audience! If you’ve watched STOMP you’ll understand the need to tap/bang everything when you get home. Now imagine if you had two young children who can’t wait to get home and start bashing the floor with the broom and banging the pots and pans together. We don’t have kids yet but they are definitely not going to watch STOMP until they are at least 13!

The other activities involved walking around the Hyde Park and a cultural trip to the National History Museum. I can pretend to be all highbrow and cultured, but to tell you the truth, all I wanted to see was the giant dinosaur skeleton point out things that I remembered from the movie A Night at the Museum.National history Museum

If you haven’t noticed it yet, Gee and I LOVE Food! So it’s only fair that we explored the local cuisine as much as possible. This included a trip to the nearby (walking distance) Maltby Street Markets: Ropewalk. It was a freezing cold day in February but the freshly baked flaky croissants washed down with hot chocolate kept us cosy. Another one of our favourite markets is the Brixton Market. There’s a little spot at the markets called The Joint and I beg you to go try the pulled pork sandwich and the hot wings from there (hot wings are HOT HOT HOT).

The AttendantContinuing with the foodie theme, London has some pretty unique experiences like The Tea Room in Harrods. It’s a bit bizarre sitting inside a store and have a fancy cuppa tea. Since we couldn’t afford anything in the store, I can neither confirm nor deny that we may have taken a teaspoon as a “souvenir”. The last mention of the unique/bizarre food related experience of the month goes to a café called The Attendant. It’s a tiny underground café that used to be a public toilet and has been repurposed as a café serving yummy food and one of the best coffees I’ve had in London so far. Since this place, I have been to quite a few re-purposed toilet venues which I’ll outline in my future posts.


February 2015 wasn’t all about London though. We did manage to take a day trip to Bath and Stonehenge. Bath is a beautiful little city around 185km (115 miles) out of London. It’s best known for the Roman Baths and of course the Bath University. On the way to Bath we stopped over at Stonehenge. The structure was just a bunch of rocks standing there for centuries magnificent and made for an excellent photo-op.

Have you been to any of the places above? What did you think of them? Are there any you recommend we should check out? Do let me know in the comments section.

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