Silly season, generous gestures in Vienna and 2016!

I know I’ve been MIA (missing in action) for most of the festive season, but to everyone who missed my random ramblings – a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic start to the New Year. As you know from the last post, we have had Mrs FOMOist’s twin and her little cousin over the festive … More Silly season, generous gestures in Vienna and 2016!

London life

After a very busy month, Mrs FOMOist and I thought about taking it a bit slow between late Sept/early October. By taking it slow, we mean gallivanting around London to ensure we are not missing out on the very last moments of London summer. Once we got back from Oktoberfest, we had agreed that we … More London life

STOMPing around

When we were planning a move to London, our friends who have done a similar thing had two very useful pieces of advice: Keep focused on why you moved – to travel. A number of them took the plunge but got caught up in daily life and didn’t do as much as they had hoped … More STOMPing around