Fireworks, Dancing and Madrid – and it’s only half of November!

Hello again my devoted readers (if you’re out there)! I am sure you must have enjoyed the well earned break from my daily ramblings but I think you’ve had enough peace and here is your next dose of disruption. The end of October, beginning of November started at a snail’s pace with Mrs FOMOist and … More Fireworks, Dancing and Madrid – and it’s only half of November!

London life

After a very busy month, Mrs FOMOist and I thought about taking it a bit slow between late Sept/early October. By taking it slow, we mean gallivanting around London to ensure we are not missing out on the very last moments of London summer. Once we got back from Oktoberfest, we had agreed that we … More London life

STOMPing around

When we were planning a move to London, our friends who have done a similar thing had two very useful pieces of advice: Keep focused on why you moved – to travel. A number of them took the plunge but got caught up in daily life and didn’t do as much as they had hoped … More STOMPing around

Let it snow!

As I mentioned earlier, Gee and I have never experienced cold like this before, this is truly bone chilling cold for us. But did it stop us from doing things? Ummmmm… No! So after returning from Barcelona, we got stuck into settling down in our new hometown: We made the most of the Winter Wonderland … More Let it snow!

When I was a boy

This post is a bit of a prequel to the story that’ll set the scene for the rest of the blog. You see, FOMO is something that you contract at a very young age, but it gets worst as the years go by. While I think I am a chronic sufferer of it, I am … More When I was a boy