When I was a boy

This post is a bit of a prequel to the story that’ll set the scene for the rest of the blog. You see, FOMO is something that you contract at a very young age, but it gets worst as the years go by. While I think I am a chronic sufferer of it, I am sure I am in for a lot of surprises.

So without further ado, here’s what got me to this point:

  • 2004: Graduate with a Marketing degree in Auckland. Torn between whether to continue at my placement as an employee or to leave everything and go travelling. The lure of the corporate ladder and very short purse strings see me focus on my Marketing career.
  • 2007: Meet a beautiful girl who lives in Australia (unfortunately). We decide to give this relationship a try (despite the distance).
  • 2010: After putting myself and my girlfriend through hell and back of a long distance relationship, I finally bite the bullet and cross the Tasman sea (on a plane of course) and join my girlfriend in Australia. Once I have moved, I relocate from Brisbane to Sydney (for a job) then back to Brisbane.
  • 2012: I take her to a trip to India where I propose to her and she stupidly says yes!
  • 2013: I turn 30 and on my birthday, we buy our first home. This was a goal I often discussed with my girlfriend and without her support,I would have never been able to achieve it.
  • 2014: In March we get married over two beautiful days of good food, good music and good people. In May we decide that we are going to relocate to live in London and travel around Europe, in October we put our house on rent and start our journey on 22 October 2014.

The next post will be our journey to our new, final, temporary destination – London, our new home for 18 months!

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