When we flew the nest

I know blogs are usually an account of recent past, however I am going to start from the beginning of my adventures. As mentioned in my previous blog, my wife and I decided to move to London from Brisbane in October 2014. After quitting our jobs and renting out our house, we had enough money to go on a little Tiki Tour before settling down in the Land of the Queen.

If you have got a sense of the kind of person I am, you will know that I did not set sail directly towards the UK. We started off by travelling through Asia. The plan was to visit my wife’s family in Singapore (she was born in Singapore) and my family in India.

We spent 10 days in Singapore, rushed of our feet trying to catch up with her family and touring around the beautiful country. If you haven’t been to Singapore, my very short list of must dos is as follows:

Marina Bay Sands

  1. Go up to the Ce La Vi (Ku De Ta when I visited). It is very pricey, however rather than making a dinner reservation, you can go up to the top of the Marina Bay Sands for “a drink” to soak up the views from the top. Don’t forget to bring your passports though as it is much easier for foreigners to go up.
  2. Visit the Gardens by the Bay. They look “interesting” from the outside – two big domes, but once you enter, you’re transported to what could only be described as the set of the movie Avatar. It’s breathtakingly, jawdropppingly, confusingly beautiful!
  3. Visit and dine in Little India. This place is the closest you can get to India, outside of India (in my opinion anyways). The place is just as chaotic as you’d expect India to be with the food just as delicious and affordable. Little India really gives you a sense how Singapore has embraced the Indian culture in its big beautiful heart.
  4. Get out of the city and discover the hidden gems called – The Hawker Centers. Food is a national obsession of Singaporeans (I know because I am married to one). And your culinary experience is incomplete without a trip out to the burbs in search of the perfect Mee Rebus!
  5. Enjoy a culinary feast at Lau Pa Sat in the open air! This is one of the most centrally located Hawker Centres in Singapore. The food is delicious and the fact that you can sit on little plastic stools out in the open air just makes the whole experience all the more palatable.

After 10 days of good food and great company (I have to say this since it’s my wife’s family), we set sail (on a plane) to India. My immediate and extended family lives in India so a visit was unavoidable. We had initially planned to stay there for 10 days then visit Hong Kong on our way to London, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we were in India till early December. Enough of the sob story and highlights from India:

The Taj

  1. You can not go to India (especially North India) and not visit the Taj Mahal. It is still the most breathtaking monument I have visited!The Golden Temple
  2. One of my other favourite monuments is the Golden Temple in Amritsar Punjab. The Golden Temple is the Holy Grail, the Mecca for Sikhs and religion aside, it is a beautiful sight to behold. It holds a super special place in my heart because I proposed to my wife here.Street where my parents live
  3. We had the fortune of attending one of my dad’s friend’s daughter’s wedding (yes – it’s an Indian wedding, even their workmates were invited!). If you can, try and get yourself invited to a bug fat Indian Wedding, it’s worth a week!

After almost a month and a half and skipping Hong Kong, we finally board the bird, enroute to London in early December. It was our first “proper winter”. More on this in the next post.

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