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Have you dreamed of getting the Wimbledon Centre Court Tickets form the ballot? Have you secured any Wimbledon tickets from the ballot?

Well, we have found a way to secure Wimbledon Centre Court tickets for under £20.

Last year, Mrs FOMOist and I got a bunch of friends together and tried our luck to get into Wimbledon. Unlike the last time where we only got into the ground, this time we managed to get into Centre Court for a measly £18.00 ground entrance fee. Given how easy it was, it’ll be a shame not to share the “secret”.

Don't buy Wimbledon Centre Court Tickets from Touts - The FOMOists
Follow the directions to ‘The Queue’
  1. Pick a day and time

Usually Mondays are known as the “Manic Mondays” and the best day to go, but it also means that it might be the busiest. Regardless of what day you choose, late-afternoons usually seem to be a time to go. So, our advice will be to leave work around 4.30pm on the dot, joined “The Queue” and then wait your turn. The wait can be anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on who’s playing.

View from Wimbledon Centre Court - The FOMOists
Centre Court Baby!
  1. Getting in

When you join ‘The Queue’, you receive a Queue Card that determines your position in the queue. This means, if your mates arrive before you, they can’t get you a card and you can’t queue jump. So, make sure you all plan to get there together, or be prepared to join your mates at the back. The ticket you get from joining ‘The Queue’ is for ground entry only. This means you can explore the complex, but you need a ticket to get into any of the courts. However, if you’re not that bothered, perching yourself up on ‘The Hill’ with a picnic blanket and a bottle of fizz is always a good idea.

The smiling FOMOists crew at Wimbledon Centre Court
FOMOists and friends at Wimbledon
  1. Now, take me to Centre Court!

Once you’re in, there are two options available to you to get into Centre Court or any game you fancy:

  • Purchase Resale Tickets – When people leave, they have the option of re-scanning their tickets and leave them in a box to be resold. When we went, the resale value for Centre Court ticket was £15 and for others £10. Considering Centre Court tickets are usually £120, it’s an absolute steal.
  • Be shamelessly charming – For our latest visit, as we admired the entrance to Centre Court, a group of people noticed the longing in our eyes and offered their tickets to us. Just like that! Alternatively, you could also stand by the exit and politely ask the people leaving if you could take their tickets. You’ll be surprised at how many people are happily obliging.

We saw Azarenka from Wimbledon Centre Court! - The FOMOists

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